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Business of Dreams Enterprise

Using Your Literal Dreams to Position You into Your Purpose, Business, & Economic Success

Your Greatest Business Meetings Are Happening In Your Sleep

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    Fri, Aug 30
    Aug 30, 2024, 7:30 PM – Aug 31, 2024, 4:00 PM
    Lithonia, 2244 Panola Rd, Lithonia, GA 30058, USA
    It's Not Just a Dream; It's a Demonstration

About Business of Dreams Enterprise

What did you miss while you were sleeping?

While they were sleeping...

Sam Sparks was given the dream that would transition him from drug dealer on the streets of Chicago to Steve Harvey's Assistant Stylist during Steve's run on the Steve Harvey Show! Stephanie Meyer was given the scene, in a dream, that would create "Twilight". This book would transition her from receptionist of a property company to a best selling author banking millions. Twilight also went on to become a box office hit!!! How much of your business success or financial success is still stuck in the dream you failed to derive meaning from while you were sleeping?

Here's a secret to success you probably won't hear in the greatest coaching program or in the most successful wealth building seminar: A great level of your business success, financial success, & life's work success is attached to a dream!! A dream you probably dismissed as unimportant! A dream whose meaning was so deeply hidden, you wouldn't bother to uncover it! Coaching programs and books are necessary. Financial development seminars and trainings are pertinent resources, but they are to compliment what has already been established in the dream. Too many coaching programs are coaching with holes in the strategies. Holes that our dreams are there to fill. It is time to get unconventional and begin implementing the knowledge and guidance being given to us in our dreams in collaboration with the business and wealth expertise to lead us into our established place of success! This is what Business of Dreams Enterprise is all about. We are the unique platform using bible based strategies to integrate dreams, business coaching experts, and wealth building professionals to successfully annihilate the gap between purpose, business & economic success, and our dreams. That's right! It's biblical.

Using our talented network of experts, the Business of Dreams Enterprise is helping talented business minded men and women, corporate leaders, industry professionals, business owners, companies, and university students achieve their greatest business and economic successes. Through our services, we are not only helping people to uncover the hidden ideas, businesses, strategies, and wealth located in their dreams, but we are equipping them with the the tools and knowledge to bring what is in those dreams into full realization, and again, it is all bible!

K. Hodges

Business of Dreams was an absolute blessing! Before the course, I completely ignored my dreams. They were so complex and metaphorical that I didn't quite believe they were relevant, helpful or sent from God. If I wasn't ignoring them, it was because I couldn't remember them. However, thanks to the principles that Pastor Rachel taught us in Business of Dreams, I now know how to set the stage to recall my dreams and I have the foundational teaching to begin interpreting my dreams! I've already learned so much about myself and the life God wants for me, thanks to this class! I'm excited to get back into the beauty of dreaming!

Thanks for this course Pastor Rachel! I'm excited for the next one.


Hidden Wealth

4 Things You Did Not Know About the Interrelation Between Wealth and Dreams

Portrait with Glasses

What's a Dream Coach

A Dream Coach specializes in dreams. Like any other coach it is the dream coach’s primary goal to see you reach your greatest level of success, but unlike other coaches, the dream coach works heavily from the privy information released in your dreams from God to guide you into your purposed place of business and economic success. The Dream coach works from the concept that the content sent in your dreams is not only from God, but is sent for building, protecting, creating, and establishing, therefore the dream content is a necessity and must be utilized in the strategic process to the achievement of business and economic success. A Dream Coach does the following

  • Uncovers Hidden Meanings in your Dream

  • Identifies and makes you aware of your distinctive “telling” dream patterns, then uses them to effectively guide your actions.

  • Uses the content of the dream to coach you down your pathway to successful establishment

  • Coaches you through the appropriate dream responses, strategies, and the appropriate referrals that will bring the full purpose of the dream to realization

  • Strengthens your Dream Communications


BOD Programs & Initiatives

For the Dreaming Dreamer

For the Corporate Feild

For the Church

Hidden Dreams: 4 Things You Did Not Know About the Interrelation Between Wealth and Dreams

Free EBook (Limited Time Only)

Did you know that there was missing wealth hidden away in your dreams? Yes. It is true and it can be proven in just 4 major points of discussion. Hidden Wealth is a short read but a powerful one. Through this thought provoking text the relationship between wealth and dreams is truly brought to life.  This read is your first step in uncovering the wealth you have been missing. Get your free copy today!


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