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Using Your Literal Dreams to Position You into Your Purpose, Business, & Economic Success


Your Greatest Business Meetings Are Happening In Your Sleep


About Business of Dreams Enterprise

What did you miss while you were sleeping?

While they were sleeping...

Sam Sparks was given the dream that would transition him from drug dealer on the streets of Chicago to Steve Harvey's Assistant Stylist during Steve's run on the Steve Harvey Show! Stephanie Meyer was given the scene, in a dream, that would create "Twilight". This book would transition her from receptionist of a property company to a best selling author banking millions. Twilight also went on to become a box office hit!!! How much of your business success or financial success is still stuck in the dream you failed to derive meaning from while you were sleeping?

Here's a secret to success you probably won't hear in the greatest coaching program or in the most successful wealth building seminar: A great level of your business success, financial success, & life's work success is attached to a dream!! A dream you probably dismissed as unimportant! A dream whose meaning was so deeply hidden, you wouldn't bother to uncover it! Coaching programs and books are necessary. Financial development seminars and trainings are pertinent resources, but they are to compliment what has already been established in the dream. Too many coaching programs are coaching with holes in the strategies. Holes that our dreams are there to fill. It is time to get unconventional and begin implementing the knowledge and guidance being given to us in our dreams in collaboration with the business and wealth expertise to lead us into our established place of success! This is what Business of Dreams Enterprise is all about. We are the unique platform integrating dreams, business coaching experts, and wealth building professionals to successfully annihilate the gap between purpose, business & economic success, and our dreams.

Using our talented network of experts, the Business of Dreams Enterprise is helping talented business minded men and women, corporate leaders, industry professionals, business owners, companies, and university students achieve their greatest business and economic successes. Through our services, we are not only helping people to uncover the hidden ideas, businesses, strategies, and wealth located in their dreams, but we are equipping them with the the tools and knowledge to bring what is in those dreams into full realization.


Special Holiday Gift Sets for the Dreamer

What Greater Gift is there than to bless someone with the gift of Purpose, Business, and Economic Establishment by way of Dreams! The BOD Gift Sets will help individuals move into their greatest successes by tapping into one of God's major systems of communication; that is Dreams. All gift sets will provide very powerful insight that will help you strengthen your dream communications by helping you to prepare for the dream, recall the dream, interpret the dream, and appropriately respond to the dream in the way that brings you closer to Successful Establishment.  We guarantee your dreams will intensify. You will become much more aware of just how much God is communicating with you and how much of what He is communication you is attached to your Purpose, Business, and Economic Success.

BOD  2 Gift Set.png

Business of Dreams 2 Piece Gift Set

$65 (Shipping & Handling Included)

This BOD Gift Set includes both "Business of Dreams: 5 Ways to Maximize the Linear Relationship Between Your Purpose, Your Business & Economic Success, and Your Dreams " and the Business of Dream & Meditation Journal. This is a gift set will both activate and awaken the Dreamer to Dreams as a pathway to successful establishment while providing guidance to proper bible based dream analysis.

BOD  3 Gift Set (1).png

Business of Dreams 3 Piece Gift Set

$365 (Shipping & Handling Included)

This BOD Gift Set includes everything in the 2 Piece Gift Set plus a Full Scholarship for the "Business of Dreams Foundations" 8 Week Course. This is for the hungry dreamer ready to dive deep into their dreams and understand more thoroughly how God is speaking to him/her personally through dreams including dream patterns, dream language, and directly relating it back to God's "personal & professional" plans of establishment for the Dreamer. Clarity, Answers, and Strategies will be a result of this set.

Dreamsmen Collectible.png

Dreamsmen Collectible Gift Basket

$450 (Shipping & Handling Included)

This is for the Prophetic Dreamer who moves heavily in the gift of Dreams. This Set will mature the dreamer and teach them how to effectively navigate in their gift according to what it has been given for. The Dreamsmen Collectible Gift Basket includes a Full Scholarship for "Foundations of the Prophetic Dreamer", both the Business of Dreams Book and Journal, "Dreamsmen: The Final Combat", The Dreamsmen Handbook w/Dream Prayers & Mini Index of Biblical "Dream" Interpretation, and a Dream Prayer Blanket to go to bed with at night.


National "TCD" Tour

The 2022 Tour features an exclusive gift

Tea, Coffee, and Dreams is invading your city with Divine Revelation, Impartation, and Activation in the area of Dreams to prosper you and propel you into abundant living concerning your business, gifts, talents, ministry, and overall well being. This is a unique but biblical based coaching that are helping many across the country find their established place of purpose, business & economic success! Register to attend this appointed business meeting at one of the cities listed by clicking the button below!


Upcoming Virtual Mini-Courses

Trying to see if the next Business of Dreams Online College Course is for you? Get a sample by registering for the next Virtual Mini-Course. Mini-Course includes Nuggets for Dream Revelation, Preparation, Recollection, and Interpretation to inch you closer to establishment in purpose, business, and economic success.

BOD Virtual Mini Course Nov.png

Understanding the 7 (Business) Dream Functionalities

November 19, 2022 @7:30pm

BOD Virtual Mini Course Dec.png

Help Make My Dreams Make Sense

December 15, 2022 @7:30pm


Upcoming Courses and Programs

Business of Dreams Enterprise is committed to offering quality 6 to 8 week online courses and coaching programs that will bring to life the greatest hidden secrets resulting in launches, births, increase, expansion, multiplication, good health, business connections and much more. Don't let one other secret pass you by. Let's crack the business & establishment codes that God is releasing to you in your dreams. Join a Program

The VIP Coaching Intensive

January 12 2023

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For 1 on 1 Dream Coaching
(5 Monthly Payments or Subscribe to a Platinum Membership Plan)

This is an 8 week coaching intensive that provides 1 on 1 dream coaching which includes both the interpretation of your dreams and the dream based strategies that align you to your purpose, business, and economic success. Within this 8 week period, clients are offered (4) 1 on 1 Dream Coaching Intensives and powerful group masterclasses with A Class Business and Wealth Coaches among other things.

Business of Dreams Foundations

January 16th 2023

BODE Logo THE Final Version (2).png

For New Coming Students
(Subscribe to a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Membership Plan)

This is an 8 week course for the dreamer who is ready to understand their dreams as a means to establishment, be held accountable for taking the steps that strengthen their ability to recall, interpret, and appropriately respond to the dreams, and finally to be activated to dream on a more intensified level.

Business of Dreams Practicum

January 19th 2023

BODE Logo (7).png

For BODF Alumni Only
(Subscribe to a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Membership Plan)

This is an 8 week course that takes place once students have completed the Business of Dreams Foundations Course. The purpose of this course is to bring every dream analyzed and discussed in the previous course into full manifestation. This course walks through all 5 principles mazimizing the full content of thier dreams while also strengthening and exercising the muscles of interpretation.

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Bible Based Dream Teachings, Content, Discounts, Interpretation Cheat Codes


K. Hodges

Business of Dreams was an absolute blessing! Before the course, I completely ignored my dreams. They were so complex and metaphorical that I didn't quite believe they were relevant, helpful or sent from God. If I wasn't ignoring them, it was because I couldn't remember them. However, thanks to the principles that Pastor Rachel taught us in Business of Dreams, I now know how to set the stage to recall my dreams and I have the foundational teaching to begin interpreting my dreams! I've already learned so much about myself and the life God wants for me, thanks to this class! I'm excited to get back into the beauty of dreaming!

Thanks for this course Pastor Rachel! I'm excited for the next one.


Hidden Wealth

4 Things You Did Not Know About the Interrelation Between Wealth and Dreams

Portrait with Glasses

What's a Dream Coach

A Dream Coach specializes in dreams. Like any other coach it is the dream coach’s primary goal to see you reach your greatest level of success, but unlike other coaches, the dream coach works heavily from the privy information released in your dreams from God to guide you into your purposed place of business and economic success. The Dream coach works from the concept that the content sent in your dreams is not only from God, but is sent for building, protecting, creating, and establishing, therefore the dream content is a necessity and must be utilized in the strategic process to the achievement of business and economic success. A Dream Coach does the following

  • Uncovers Hidden Meanings in your Dream

  • Identifies and makes you aware of your distinctive “telling” dream patterns, then uses them to effectively guide your actions.

  • Uses the content of the dream to coach you down your pathway to successful establishment

  • Coaches you through the appropriate dream responses, strategies, and the appropriate referrals that will bring the full purpose of the dream to realization

  • Strengthens your Dream Communications

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Results Guaranteed

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Hidden Dreams: 4 Things You Did Not Know About the Interrelation Between Wealth and Dreams

Free EBook (Limited Time Only)

Did you know that there was missing wealth hidden away in your dreams? Yes. It is true and it can be proven in just 4 major points of discussion. Hidden Wealth is a short read but a powerful one. Through this thought provoking text the relationship between wealth and dreams is truly brought to life.  This read is your first step in uncovering the wealth you have been missing. Get your free copy today!


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