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About the Founder

Having been a uniquely gifted dreamer from early childhood, Rachel Senior has come into the full awareness, thru a number of personal dream encounters and manifested dream interpretations, the power of the Dream to create wealth, to build businesses, to advance corporations, and to save lives! She now takes the charge to activate this power all over the land.

Rachel Senior is coined the Dreamsmen for her uniquely demonstrated gift of dreams and dream interpretation. Her Dream Training Platform has been divinely instrumental in raising awareness on the power of the dream to establish and has been accredited for helping to produce notable life transformations both personally and professionally.

Rachel is the published author of "The Business of Dreams: 5 Ways to Maximize the Linear Relationship Between your Purpose, your Business & Economic Success, and your Dreams," "Hidden Wealth: 4 Things you Did Not Know about the Interrelation Between Wealth and Dreams," and  “Dreamsmen- The Final Combat." She is the Founder of The Dream College, where she provides dream courses that help people to understand their dreams, analyze their dreams and leverage their dreams in order to bring them into thier established place of purpose, business, & economic success. 

Rachel Senior has a Masters in Psychology and an Education Specialist Degree in Curriculum & Instruction. She is a wife to husband Michael Senior and a mother to 6 talented children, AJ, Zoe, Reya, Christian, Mikey, and Vanessa.

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