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The Dream Launched my School!

A colleague of mine shared a very interesting story with me. I thought it would serve as an incredible Business of Dreams read. For the sake of this blog, we will call this female colleague "the dreamer."

While the dreamer was in college for an entirely different major outside of education, she continued having dreams about a crowded room of students in her home whom she would teach. While she wasn't against teaching, it wasn't her first choice, and at the time of the dreams she was not in any position to do so. She had none of the qualifications. She wasn't in school for it. She had none of the degrees, but she had these dreams.

Finally, she decided to follow the lead of the dream and she took a job working at a charter-school which was more of a home school situation. The charter school was her first indication that degree or not, she was called to teach. She quickly rose to stardom as her creativity, teaching practices, and classroom data begin to speak for her. She was promoted as the model teacher and was sought after for demonstrations, materials, supplemental material, etc., She was positioned to be a lead in the academic operations of this home school environment. It was clear to her this is where she shined, and it was here she was stepping in to the "home school" environment that was shown to her in the dreams, but could it have just been one major coincidence?

Well, while she was excelling in this environment, she received a call about a school that had shut down and was giving away all of its equipment, furniture, books, etc. Without really thinking it through, she said "I'll take it". This happened to be all the equipment she would need to start her own school. She realized, all of this was a set up for the manifestation of her dream. This, along side her now charter school leadership experience was her pathway into establishment. But, there was that fear, where would she get kids? How would she really launch when no one knows she exists.

By this time, she had really educated herself and developed her skills as a teacher in many different content areas. She had taken all kinds of classes racking up on all kinds of certifications that would legitimize her as a teacher. She even moved into teaching in a public school setting. And while doing so ran into parents of students who wanted their kids to be taught by her privately. In fact this begin to happen alot.

Now she had credibility, experience, resources, furniture, students, and the natural gift at work. It was time to eliminate fear and bring the dream into full existence. In August 2022, this dreamer is launching her first private home school with kids lined up already to begin on launching day. The Dream rerouted her entire career pathway and brought her into where all her resources, success, and purpose would be housed. This dreamer got back to the business of dreams!!

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